The Pennsylvania Playhouse announces auditions for local playwright Lawrence B. Fox's newest comedy…

“Maxwell Offers Some Comments At His Funeral”

Attorney Maxwell Finkel passed away a few days ago after having practiced law in the same small town for over fifty years. The four attorneys who served as his law partners honor Maxwell's memory by gathering at his open casket viewing at a local funeral home. These loyal partners reminisce about the more notable traits in which Maxwell was involved. Inevitably, they are drawn into a discussion of some of Maxwell's unique character traits that distinguished him from his fellow man.

As these stories unfold Maxwell is unable to remain a silent observer and joins the lawyers to correct some of the embellished portions of the stories attributed to him. His law partners are unable to see his ghostly presence, nor can they hear his comments as he interjects his recollections of days gone by. His comments, nonetheless, prompt some of their thoughts at his life and achievements are discussed.

Do you love unleashing your inner character actor? Now’s your chance! Looking for actors for the premier of: Maxwell Offers Some Comments at His Funeral.

Auditions will be held Monday August 12th from 6:30-8:30.

Casting 6 characters who play these parts through the entire show:

4 men playing ages 60-80

2 women playing ages 35-50

Casting 2 additional women and 3 additional men in character parts. These actors will be assuming 4-5 character roles of varying ages (30-80) and descriptions.

All ages are encouraged to audition but please note play contains some adult content.

PLEASE NOTE: If you audition and are cast in this show, you are required to be a member of the Pennsylvania Playhouse. If you are not a member, you must pay a $15 membership fee to the Pennsylvania Playhouse which covers your membership for an entire year.