"Giving Up The Ghosts"

Winner of Pa Playhouse’s Playwriting Competition

A play by
Arnold Johnston & Deborah Ann Percy

Director: Carrie Beleno


Show dates:  October 26-28, 2018

Fri & Sat 7:30pm & Sun 3pm


Auditions: August 13 & 14 6:30 PM

Callbacks August 15 7:00 PM


Sides from the show will be provided.  




On Halloween night, 1974, Ralph, diffident scion of a wealthy Chicago family with a troubled past, receives a visit from his impetuous sister Babs. Fuming over her husband’s infidelity, Babs finds Ralph brooding over a recent visit from their malevolent father, who had incestuously abused the two as children. After an evening of too much champagne, Babs and Ralph “awaken” to find that they have died. In a sequence of brief scenes they gradually discover that they are fated to haunt the condo indefinitely, materializing only on Halloween of each year; their responses run the gamut from denial to anger to despair, and give the condo a forbidding reputation. Finally, after some twenty years (and one act), the key to the ghosts’ release from purgatorial bondage appears when the latest of the condo’s owners-Margaret and William-arrive from the suburbs struggling with an unhappy mystery of their own. In a sequence of events that is funny and chilling by turns, the troubled spirits and the flesh-and-blood couple improbably unite their efforts to help free each other from the dark secrets of the past and some unexpected horrors of the present.

RALPH, mid-thirties. Wealthy, upper class, well-groomed
BABS, Ralph’s sister, early thirties, RALPH’s sister. Snobbish,
privileged, stylish
MARGARET, mid-forties, marine biologist. Suburban middle-class
WILLIAM, mid-forties, a plumbing contractor. Suburban middle-class,
Margaret’s husband.