The Happy Elf is a musical comedy by the Grammy Award-winning and Tony Award-nominated composer and lyricist, Harry Connick, Jr.

The Happy Elf tells the tale of Eubie the Elf, a lovable fellow who wants to spread Christmas joy throughout the town of Bluesville. Eubie, the happiest elf at the North Pole, longs to be a part of Santa's sleigh team. Instead, he's stuck checking the naughty-or-nice lists. Then, one Christmas Eve, he finds that in the whole town of Bluesville not a single person has been nice! Can he turn a whole town of naughty children nice in just one day?


Eubie: The Happy Elf, a "trainee" in the toy department. Eubie is all smiles and songs. That, and his lack of self-control, is what aggravates Norbert the most and his kept him a trainee for 10 years. Vocal range C3 to G4

Molly: the mean-girl, diva daughter of the Mayor of Bluesville. Vocal range: D4 to C5

Hamm: sleigh Mechanic, best friends with Eubie and Gilda. Vocal range: C3 to G4

Gilda: a Reindeer Veterinarian obsessed with cleanliness, allergic to everything, and has a "crush" on Eubie. Vocal range: C4 to G5

Norbert: Foreman Elf. An angry man, his world is orderly and "by the book" and he wants to keep it that way. Eubie's nemesis. Vocal range: G2 to G4

Santa: the one and only. Vocal range: G2 to F4

Mrs. Claus: the wife of the "one and only."

Mayor: Mayor of Bluesville and Molly's workaholic dad. Vocal range: A2 to E4

Gurt: wife of Mayor of Bluesville and Molly's Mom. Vocal range: C#3 to A4

Curtis: Molly's minder and personal assistant in Bluesville. Vocal range: D3 to F4

Angry Lady

Coppa: an officer of the North Pole-ice.

Ensemble: Toy Elves, Reindeer Elves, Candy Elves, Elfettes, Bluesville Citizens, Workers