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March 8th (6-9pm), 9th (4-7pm), and 10th (12-2pm) with callbacks (2-5pm if needed)

Please prepare a musical excerpt, no more than one minute long, preferably from the show, though something similar in style is also appreciated. We ask that you bring clearly marked
sheet music for a pianist OR recorded accompaniment with you (aux cord and speakers will be provided). No a capella/ singing without music, please!

ALL ROLES ARE OPEN and are listed below.

NARRATOR- female (20’s-40’s); driving force of the show, must have incredible range of character and an agile voice with the capability to easily color her tone. Strong belt/mix encouraged.

JOSEPH- tenor (18-20’s); younger and described as having a ‘handsome figure’, likeable, sensitive, and intelligent

POTIPHAR- baritone (40’s-60); older, rich, and powerful Egyptian who has Joseph as a slave and is jealous of his wife’s attraction to Joseph. Eventually utilizes Joseph’s gift with dreams.

JACOB- baritone (40+); Joseph’s father, favors Joseph and is besot with grief when he believes he is dead

MRS. POTIPHAR- female (spoken, 20’s-30’s); must be magnetic and a strong mover/dancer; attracted to Joseph, she attempts to seduce him

BUTLER- tenor (20’s-40’s); imprisoned with Joseph, he sings about his dream, which is hopeful

BAKER- tenor (20’s- 40’s); also imprisoned with Joseph, he sings about his dream, which is bleak

PHARAOH- baritone (30’s to 40’s); revered as a god in Egypt, he is nervous about his dreams and seeks help from Joseph

REUBEN- baritone (30’s); one of Joseph’s brothers, sings ‘Those Canaan Days’

BROTHERS- (Benjamin, Simeon, Levi, Napthali, Isaacar, Asher, Dan, Zebulun, Gad, Judah; ages range from late teens-30’s) usually acting as a group, they each need to have distinct

ENSEMBLE- wives, slaves, Ishmaelites, and small solo lines including: A Girl, Camel, Sphinx, and Lively Lad (all ages needed 13+)